Fast report generator that will quickly display all keyboard activity for any given day. Everything typed on the keyboard daily can be quickly displayed by generating a new report. You can generate a report to view recent keyboard activity at any time you wish by clicking the "Generate and View Report" button.

Anti-detection routine to hide itself from anti- monitoring software. If you are using KeyKey to spy on someone, this is a very important feature. Or maybe you just don't want anyone knowing KeyKey is monitoring your computer. Either way, this powerful anti-detection device will help keep it your little secret.

Record TimeStamp feature. With this feature you can record the time, so you can view more detail on what you have done along the day. Or what your employees have done along the day. This is an excellent way to monitor employee productivity.

Password for accessing KeyKey Monitor. With this version, you can set password protection to access KeyKey Monitor. This way no one can
access KeyKey without your password.

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