KeyKey is to your computer, what the black box is to an airliner. It records all keyboard activity at all times. Airliners won't fly without a black box, and we believe no one should use a computer without a similar recording device. That's where KeyKey comes in. We think KeyKey should come built into all new computers. Think about it. Who wouldn't want a back-up recording device keeping track of all of your computer activity. That way if you think someone is using your computer without your permission, you will be able to tell. Or if you think someone did something to harm your computer, the black box will tell you what happened.

KeyKey is a key strokes recorder utility that can be used to capture and record everything typed into a computer. Along with the key-strokes, you can also record the task and windows captions at the time the key was pressed. Start- up and shut-down time of your computer can also be recorded.

KeyKey works in the background. It is able to record key strokes from Windows applications as well as key strokes from a Windows DOS box (e.g DOS application running on Windows MS DOS prompt). Once installed, it will load and run automatically with Windows. KeyKey will capture every- thing typed into your computer.

Why do you ever want to record your key-strokes ? Well, by recording your key-strokes, you have on-line back- up of your work. What you've typed is there, and safely stored in a log file for you to view. And also you may retrieve back your work or ideas (in case your computer hangs up or crashes before you save your work). What else? If you like to chat with IRC or ICQ. You can make on-line documentation about the messages you've sent to your party. Anything else? Yes, of course, you can view statistics of key-strokes. KeyKey is able to view your key-strokes statistics. Not only that. Since you can also record start- up and shut-down time and also the task and window caption (also with the time) you can track your daily work productivity or your employees.

Now, you know why you want to record keyboard activity. But why choose KeyKey?

  • KeyKey is one of the only products on the market that can record such complete details of keyboard activity.
  • KeyKey is one of the only products on the market that can record such complete details of keyboard activity.
  • KeyKey is able to record key-strokes from Windows applications as well as from Windows DOS box.
  • KeyKey can record start-up/shut down time of your computer.
  • KeyKey can record windows captions of programs used.
  • Password protection to access KeyKey for more security.
  • Auto flush feature at time interval you specified.
  • Record time stamp at time interval you specified.

KeyKey will run on any PC based processor. KeyKey runs on Windows 95, and Windows 98, but not on NT.


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